1. Log into OU Campus

  2. Hover over "Content" in the top, blue toolbarImage Placeholder

  3. Click on "Assets"

  4. In the Filter bar, search for your form by name - assets names always start with the folder they appear in, for example: /admissions TOFT Registration FormImage Placeholder

  5. When you find your form, click on the form name - it will be a blue link if you have access to view the form. If you need form results, but do not have access to the form, contact your office's web editor so they can pull the results for you.

  6. Click on the lightbulb to check the form outImage Placeholder

  7. Select "Form Submissions"

  8. Select "Export CSV"Image Placeholder

  9. Click the lightbulb again to check the form back in

  10. Log out of OU Campus